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Nine & Twelve
August 28
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kyoani please give me crying haru PLEASE!!!!

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P4U2 New Playable Characters + Megane

August 27
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August 27
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August 27
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Cr1TiKaL jump scare reactions.

these subtitles really dont convey how genuinely apathetic he is. his tone literally doesnt change at all.

August 27
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"I’ll just say what’s on my mind…This isn’t where I should be right now. Well, it isn’t like I could help Gon if I were with him. He’s…Gon is fighting for his life now. He’s a buddy. A friend. But I only found out recently."

"While I was studying for myself, drinking, moving from place to place, jerking off, entertaining women, and surfing the internet, he was fighting for others…One of them has put his life on the line to save Gon. All I could do was talk to Gon. That’s all I can do.

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ヤンチャ系ユキハル 保健室